Father stood up and said to the man, "thank you very much." Then turn around and pull me away silently. "Dad, are you cold?" When it's far away, I ask my father. Because he had to bear the burden, his father wore a little less when he went out. "You have to study hard for me," said father after a pause. "There is no other way out. Only reading can enter the city." It snowed more and more, and the whole county turned silver. Father is not in a hurry to go home. He wants to send me to school all the time. "Dad, I didn't want to spend so much money on that test. But the teacher said that if you get a good place, you can be sent to a university in Beijing in the future. " Seeing that I was going to school, I couldn't help but say something in my heart. I feel like crying. My eyes are wet. "Well tested, mom and dad support you. If I can be sent to university, I really want to thank the ancestors. " My father touched my head and said, "I also wanted to go to university! It seems that you can help me with this wish. " At the school gate, my father took out the five yuan money from his arms and stuffed it into my schoolbag. As if for fear that it would float away, he pinched and pinched his schoolbag hard. "Son, dad has another word." My father looked at me with a very different look. "When you have money in the future, if you meet someone like me, you'd better not let him..." "What? Father? " "Bow in front of you."